With less than a year left on Earth (thanks, Mayans) I figured it was about time to actually live my life.

This blog will chronicle my epic (or pathetic) journey as I try to finally make good on all of those pesky “goals” I’ve put off for 3_ years.

December 21, 2012 will be here before we know it. Whether the Mayans were right about that being the end of the world (hint:their calendar is a circle) I have decided to suck the marrow out of the next 357 days and live like there is no tomorrow.

Join me, bitches.



A reformed corporate drone, 3_ year old Melissa opted to give up the safety of a (shitty) paycheck to pursue a life filled with passion, or at least one without so many damn acronyms and spreadsheets. She now spends her time conversing with like-minded people who, despite the tough economic climate, are ditching “normal” career paths in order to create their own realities.
Since leaving corporate hell, Melissa has become a vocal proponent and activist for LGBTQ rights, an MSW candidate, a wannabe photog and writer, a pretty terrible wife, and self-proclaimed “Anti-Mom.”
Observant, witty, blunt to a fault, and obsessively opposed to the typical, this blog will chronicle Melissa’s meandering journey one mile west of the greatest city in the world as she seeks beauty, truth, passion, justice, a decent cucumber martini, and a life that’s not so fucking cliché.

You can also follow Melissa on Twiiter at: http://www.twitter.com/sof_ckingcliche


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